Project Name:

l’Etude Préliminaire relative à l’évaluation technique et financière de la mise à niveau sanitaire des quais de pêche pilotes 


DG EuropeAid Cooperation  - Project Dates:   October 2006 - November 2006

Detailed narrative description of project:

This project involved a preliminary examination of the civil engineering works necessary at eight landing sites in Senegal, so as to improve the quality and hygiene of fish landings and marketing.

Detailed narrative description of actual services provided by Poseidon Aquatic
Resource Management Ltd:

Poseidon provided a team of three experts: a Team Leader and fish handling/hygiene expert, a civil engineer, and a socio-economist. The team visited landing sites to consult with stakeholders, to make an assessment of current conditions and practices, to identify solutions, and to propose outline costings and prioritisation of needs to be followed up in the next phase of the project.