Project Name:

Institutional and policy strengthening in Sri-Lankan fisheries 


Sri Lanka 
Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO  - Project Dates:   April 2007 - September 2007

Detailed narrative description of project:

Poseidon is leading a team of consultants in capacity assessment and institutional analysis in Sri Lanka that will enable the MFAR in obtaining a baseline from which the capacities of its various departments, agencies, institutions and corporations can be elaborated and strengthened. This assessment has been identified and considered essential by the Government of Sri Lanka to achieve the longer term objectives of the post-tsunami reconstruction and development programme which was prepared last year with assistance of FAO.

Detailed narrative description of actual services provided by Poseidon Aquatic
Resource Management Ltd:

Poseidon's specific activities include:

  • Facilitation in the development of a national action plan that can implement national policy on fisheries & coastal zone management, aquaculture, coastal & offshore fleet development, food quality and marketing
  • Identify the most efficient institutional and private sector delivery systems
  • Identify institutional capacity weaknesses and training support needs