Project Name:

Mid-term evaluation of Fisheries Sector Programme Support II (FSPS II) 


DANIDA  - Project Dates:   October 2008 - November 2008

Detailed narrative description of project:

The Danish funded Fisheries Sector Programme Support, Phase 2 (FSPS II), covers the period 2006 – 2010. The four components include: 1) Strengthening of the Fisheries Administration; 2) Strengthening of Capture Fisheries Management; 3) Sustainable Development of Aquaculture; and (4) Strengthening of Capacities for Post-harvest and Marketing. A sector review took place from 27 October to 7 November 2008 under the framework of Danida’s Aid Management Guidelines.

Detailed narrative description of actual services provided by Poseidon Aquatic
Resource Management Ltd:

Poseidon provided a fisheries specialist to the three-person team. The review approach included:

  • Study of progress reports (including work plans and budgets) of the FSPSII and the Inception Report and Appraisal Report;
  • Review of the Assessment of Sector Programme Support produced by the Embassy in Hanoi.
  • Review of documents of relevance for Danida’s ongoing assistance to the fisheries sector;
  • Discussion and consultations with fisheries sector development partners;
  • Discussion and consultations with key central government stakeholders including TA staff;
  • Consultations with Danish Embassy.