Project Name:

A review of rights-based management systems in the EU 


DG MARE and MRAG  - Project Dates:   October 2008 - November 2008

Detailed narrative description of project:

The study had three distinct phases. Firstly, it surveyed
RBM systems in place in different EU Member States. Secondly,
it examined a range of specific RBM characteristics and effects.
Thirdly, it recommended best practices for different types of fisheries
in the EU.

Detailed narrative description of actual services provided by Poseidon Aquatic
Resource Management Ltd:

To assist a consortium completing the research, Poseidon provided inputs to Phase 2 on markets that have developed in the EU around transferable fishing rights. Analysis was conducted into the existence of formal and informal markets in different countries associated with different forms of RBM systems, their functioning, and their impacts.