Europe Region


Danube fishers: Policy advice on Romanian EC Accession

Poseidon has extensive experience of working in all EU and neighbouring countries. Work has often, but not exclusively, been undertaken for the European Commission (DG MARE, DG Enlargement, DG Environment, DG Budget, and DG AidCo) involving large projects covering many or all EU countries. Projects have cut across a huge range of technical areas covering both fisheries and aquaculture, with many assignments focusing on economic analysis and/or evaluation of policies (e.g. CFP reform options, EU technical measures) and public expenditure (e.g. of financial measures such as FIFG and EMFF, and of EU financial measures related to FPAs, RFMOs, control, and data collection). Projects have also involved work across the EU on comparative cost efficiencies in national MCS regimes, costs and earnings studies, environmental variables and monitoring indicators to be collected by all Member States, and social and economic dependencies on fisheries across EU regions. A number of projects have focused on work in accession countries.

Being a UK-registered company and with staff based in different locations in the UK, many projects specific to the UK and Ireland have also been completed please refer to the UK and Ireland page of our website.