Africa & Western Indian Ocean Region

Africa & Western Indian Ocean

Value-chain analysis of aquaculture in Uganda

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals is a considerable challenge and nowhere more so than in Africa. We are therefore pleased to have a strong track record in Africa and to work in the continent on an ongoing basis. Previous projects have related to MCS (SADC), evaluations of large regional projects (SWIOFP) and numerous EC Fisheries Partnership Agreements (Angola, Seychelles, Tanzania, Comoros, Kenya, Tanzania, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Kenya, Tanzania, Sao Tome and Cote D’Ivoire), large regional projects in East Africa, sector studies (Sierra Leone, Malawi, Gabon), environmental impact assessments (Zimbabwe, Nigeria), policy and legislation (Sierra Leone, South Africa and Nigeria), shrimp sector management improvements (Kenya, Tanzania), and value-chain analysis of capture fisheries and aquaculture (Uganda, Mozambique and Egypt).