UK and Ireland Region

UK and Ireland

Sustainability assessments of Hastings Dover sole, herring and mackerel fisheries

With offices in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Poseidon’s activities in the UK and Ireland have been both varied and extensive. Work has been completed for a wide range of clients including national fishery departments (MMO, Marine Scotland, DCMNR, DARD), regional enterprise boards, development trusts, harbour authorities, fishing industry organisations and the private sector. The company has a strong academic and research background, as well good practical industry experience.

Main areas of regular work include strategic policy and expenditure reviews, investment appraisal, institutional strengthening, regulatory impact assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and compensation claims. The company also undertakes certification work including Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Seafish Responsible Fishing Scheme standards, and has extensive experience in the Scottish aquaculture sector.

Poseidon is contributing to the improved management of the UK's marine environment through work on regional marine biodiversity action planning in SE England and the Solway Firth, research on the development of Marine Protected Area (MPA) Networks and their potential impact on fisheries, producing SEAs of new plans and projects and undertaking fisheries EIAs for Round 3 zones. Poseidon has also reviewed fisheries sustainability for a variety of clients including the European Parliament, conservation organisations (RSPB and WWF) and fishing industry organisations.