Asia Region


Purse seine fishery improvement plan, Thailand

Company staff experience in Asia includes work on fisheries management planning, project preparation and evaluation, fisheries governance and institutional strengthening, policy design and implementation, aquaculture, value chain analysis, marketing and trade studies and fisheries MSC assessment and fishery plans.

Recent work includes fisheries management planning and involvement in Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs) for: tropical and neritic tunas, shrimp trawl,sardines, blue swimming crab, and tropical reef fish across several ASEAN and South Asian countries.

Poseidon also completes region-wide assessments and strategic reviews, and examples of such work include an assessment of capacity building needs for the RPOA countries (; and policy and management reviews covering the BOBP countries.

Poseidon's principal clients in the region include FAO, the World Bank and IFC, AusAid, ADB, and WWF.