Australasia & the Pacific Region

Australasia & the Pacific

Transshipping tuna in FSM

Poseidon, linked through its Australia office (Poseidon ARM Pty), is actively working in the Australia and the Pacific island countries.

Pacific island work is undertaken for the Office of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, the Forum Fisheries Agency, the Secretariat for the Pacific Commission and various island Governments. The work focuses on several areas including economic and strategic assessment of the Pacific fleets and optimizing national revenue streams, bilateral agreements, the preparation of National Plans of Action and compliance risk assessments, preparing fishery management plans and fisheries certification.

Australian work focuses primarily on assessing fisheries for the Marine Stewardship Council in association with MRAG Americas. The Poseidon office has to date completed 4 successful full assessments in Australia, including the Northern Prawn Trawl, Spencer Gulf prawn trawl, Shark Bay prawn trawl and Exmouth prawn trawl fisheries.