Monitoring and evaluation

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Region:    UK and Ireland

Evaluations of EFF (Interim) and decommissioning schemes UK

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs DEFRA - Project Dates:
February 2011 - May 2011

Description of Project:
An interim evaluation was required to examine the effectiveness of the Operational Programme (OP) with the aim of adjusting it to improve the quality of assistance and its implementation.
The second aim of the project was to evaluate the 2007 South West (SW) beam trawlers decommissioning scheme and the 2008 under 10 metre decommissioning scheme to inform the future direction of fisheries management policy making.
The objectives of the evaluations were to:
 Improve the quality and effectiveness of the assistance from the EFF and the implementation of the operational programme
 Establish a view of the extent each of the decommissioning schemes objectives have been met
 Measure the effectiveness of each scheme in terms of reductions in the relevant fleets fishing capacity to the date of study;
 Assess the absolute value for money of the schemes

Services Provided:
PARM led a team of fisheries consultants and economists in delivering both parts of the evaluation.