Fisheries governance

Fisheries governance

Improvements in policy, legislation, and management, serve to support environmental, economic and social improvements, with recommendations underpinned by fisheries research and assessment of the status of stocks and ecosystems.

Poseidon's services include: capacity reviews, needs assessments, and related capacity development/training of relevant governance organisations (such as fisheries departments); policy and legislative reviews; the development and implementation of national plans of action and fisheries management plans; support for an ecosystem approach to fisheries; work to enhance traceability; putting into practice the numerous voluntary guidelines to the CCRF; and studies and projects in support for international agreements and regulations.

In the specific area of fisheries compliance, we support enhanced Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) through assessing and recommending on: the economic arguments for improved management; the levels of penalties necessary to act as a deterrent to fisheries infringements and fraud; constraints in the legal framework and the application of law; risk assessment frameworks and their use in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of different inspection means; deployment strategies based on cost efficiency analysis; the potential benefits of improved information technology; the setting of MCS targets and inspection benchmarks; and development of inspection protocols, Standard Operating Procedures, and Memorandums of Understanding between different agencies involved in inspection activities.

Topic: Fisheries governance

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