Claims and compensation

Claims and compensation

Poseidon provides specialist independent experience on compensation claims of a truly global nature in terms of geographical experience, language capability, and knowledge of different fleet segments, marine environments, and aquaculture operations.

Expertise covers three main areas:

Marine pollution impacts

  • Post-incident technical assessment of economic/financial, environmental and social impacts;
  • Development of compensation methodologies to determine losses;
  • Support for compensation negotiations, and liaison between claimants and authorities/insurance companies;
  • Modelling of alternative outcomes of incidents; and
  • Pre-impact assessments of fisheries in high risk areas

Cargo damage impacts

  • Assessment of the extent of damage to fish products in terms of quality;
  • Quantification of market damage/economic loss, resulting from lost sales or reduced prices; and
  • Identification of ways to reduce risk and improve monitoring.

Physical impacts

  • Assessment of the financial impacts (on assets and revenues) to vessels and aquaculture facilities following collisions and natural disasters;
  • Quantification of the financial impacts on vessel operators of reduced access due the inability to access fishing grounds, or a requirement to modify fishing activities (e.g. from wind farms, pipelines); and
  • Quantification of loss of earnings following personal injury.

Topic: Claims and compensation

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