Poverty alleviation and  small-scale fisheries

Poverty alleviation and small-scale fisheries

The sustainable use of the oceans and seas can contribute to poverty alleviation, food security, economic growth, and jobs. A specific focus on small-scale fisheries, and on poverty alleviation strategies, is often necessary in fisheries and aquaculture interventions. 

Poseidon implements projects and conducts research, often involving small-scale fisheries, to understand the complexities around solutions for poverty alleviation and to support improvements in fisheries and aquaculture sector governance that specifically target poverty alleviation objectives. The Sustainable Livelihoods Approach and Value Chain Analysis are two tools we often use to examine poverty, socio-economic, and distributional issues. All our work adheres to and promotes a human rights-based approach to development and disaster response situations, recognising the rights and obligations of different stakeholders with the aim of alleviating poverty and reducing vulnerability.

Topic: Poverty alleviation and small-scale fisheries

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