Aquaculture is one of the world’s fastest growing food-producing sectors, and now accounts for nearly half of the world's fish production. Poseidon’s expertise in the aquaculture sector is global. We assist governments with defining policy and legislation to create an enabling environment for growth while reflecting the need for responsible management, and advise on licensing strategies and appropriate levels of user charges.

For the private sector our combination of practical aquaculture skills and strong economic and social expertise enables us to undertake feasibility studies of new aquaculture developments, social and environmental impact assessments, and operational/financial reviews of company performance from hatchery through production to the end consumer. These reviews can recommend improvements related to cost savings, responsible management practices, and investments designed to generate positive impacts on key performance indicators, and sales and marketing strategies.

We work in both inland and marine/coastal aquaculture with a wide range of species of fishfish, molluscs, seaweeds, and crustacea, and with all the major types of production systems such as cages, ponds, re-circulation systems, and aquaponics.

Topic: Aquaculture

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