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Region:    Africa & Western Indian Ocean

An overview of fisheries sector activities and potential and needs for development and management in Mayumba, Gabon Gabon

SFM Africa - Project Dates:
June 2011 - July 2011

Description of Project:
SFM Africa signed an agreement with The Gabonese Republic (RG) under which SFM Africa was provisionally assigned the land-use rights over the ‘Grande Mayumba’ area. Full assignment of rights was conditional on SFM Africa finalising a Sustainable Development Plan (incorporating a business plan) focused on the implementation of ‘sustainable timber production and processing, sustainable agriculture, ecotourism, sustainable fishing and processing, low emission power production’, as well as ‘the creation of associated infrastructure’. SFM Africa asked Poseidon to address the ‘sustainable fishing and processing’ component of the plan.

Services Provided:
Poseidon completed the following tasks

a.A review of the current fisheries profile of the Grande Mayumba area
b.An assessment of how the fisheries potential could be realised
c.Recommendations including a risk and opportunity analyses as to practicality of inclusion of fisheries as a component of a Grande Mayumba development project
d.Preparation of a costed business plan to realise recommendations.