Monitoring and evaluation

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Region:    Africa & Western Indian Ocean

Final project evaluation of the Lake Victoria IFMP Project Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania

DG EuropeAid Cooperation - Project Dates:
July 2012 - September 2012

Description of Project:
The EU approved Euros 29.9 million to finance the Implementation of a fisheries management plan (IFMP) project for Lake Victoria under the 8th EDF RIP. The financing agreement was signed in February 2003 for an initial duration of 5 years and was later extended to end in August 2010. The projectís overall objective was to contribute to the sustainable economic growth, resource use and development in the Lake Victoria Basin. The specific objective was to assist the three riparian countries constituting the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation (LVFO) to implement fisheries management measures in line with the approved Fisheries Management Plan and the LVFO Strategic Vision 1999-2015. The project operated within the existing institutional framework for implementation of Programs and Projects of the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation (LVFO).

Services Provided:
Poseidon completed a final evaluation, which was foreseen in the project's Financing Agreement, to provide the decision-makers in the LVFO Secretariat, the Government of Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, the Regional Authorising Officer, the European Union, the private sector and the wider public with sufficient information to:
a. make an overall independent assessment about the performance of the project, paying particularly attention to the achievements and impacts of the project actions against its objectives as outlined in the logframe;
b. identify key lessons and propose practical recommendations for follow-up actions by the LVFO, the Member States, local governments and communities around the lake and other stakeholders especially in the private sector as relevant, to sustain the organization and ensure the sustainability and further development of the project's achievements.