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Region:    Asia

Mid Term Review of the Coastal Community Development Project indonesia

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) - Project Dates:

Description of Project:
The Coastal Community Development Project (CCDP) had funding of US$43.2 million. The goal of the CCDP wasreduction in poverty and enhanced, sustainable and replicable economic growth among the active poor in coastal and small island communities. The project’s development objective was increased household incomes for families involved in fisheries and marine activities in poor coastal and small island communities. The Project hasdthree investment components: (i) Community Empowerment, Development and Resource Management; (ii) District Support for Marine-Based Economic Development, with two Sub-Components:  District-Level Investment and Capacity Building; and Market and Value Chain Support; and (iii) Project Management.

Services Provided:

Poseidon staff led a team of 5 experts to complete a Mid-Term Review of the project. The review assessed project implementation, its outputs, and progress in achieving objectives preparing for sustainability. Fund utilisation was reviewed, and some modifications recommended to project implementation arrangements and funding allocations between different project components and cost categories. The Mid-Term Review involved extensive consultations with project offices, government at national and local levels, and project beneficiaries in the 12 districts in which the project was working.