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Region:    Middle East

Fish Handling and Quality Improvement Project Yemen

World Trade Organisation WTO - Project Dates:
June 2005 - September 2005

Description of Project:
Preparation of a project to assist private sector quality control management in the Yemen seafood sector. Specific project objectives include:

a) Improve private sector fish handling
b) Harmonize standards development and strengthen private domestic enforcement
c) Improve information on export market requirements in private sector, and
d) Improve market access negotiation capacity, private sector

Services Provided:
The preparation activities included:
a) development of a detailed work plan and cost estimates with the Yemeni fish exporters union,
b) Define of which areas the project could target ways to induce fishermen to use techniques and delivery methods that would ensure better quality of landed fish,
c) definition of institutional arrangements through which the Union could better develop a consensus on standards harmonization and domestic enforcement,
d) Define of information channels and procedures to ensure timely market and SPS information for all key export markets is available to the private sector in Yemen a single location,
e) prioritization of which markets should be targeted by Yemeni exporters and define how market access could be improved,
f) negotiation of the proposed project with the Ministry of Fish Wealth and the Ministry of Planning and Development, and
g) Coordinatation of the details of the SPDF project with the EU and IDA appraisal mission,