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Region:    Europe

FAME-NET Support Unit EU

DG MARE Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (European Commission) - Project Dates:
January 2022 - December 2027

Description of Project:
This project was a service contract for establishing and running FAME-NET: Fisheries and aquaculture monitoring, evaluation and local network support, a Support Unit established under the European Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF) 2021-2027, providing (i) monitoring and evaluation support and (ii) networking services for the European Fisheries Areas network and (iii) assistance to EMFAF visibility and communication activities including assistance to the INFORM EU-wide network of communication officers responsible for communicating EMFAF investments in the Member States.

Services Provided:

The overall aim of FAME-NET Support Unit (FSU) was to assist and support with implementation of three pillars:
(a) Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the EMFAF as well as the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and providing the Commission with regular updates and analysis of the state of play of the implementation of the EMFF and the EMFAF. The unit should support capacity building across the Member States and in the Commission, on evaluation and monitoring methodologies, indicators and good practices.
(b) Support Community-Led Local Development (hereafter CLLD) in fisheries and aquaculture areas. Considering the possibility for multi-funded strategies, fisheries areas may benefit from funds other than the EMFAF. The unit helped ensure synergies and coordination with other Funds. The unit also supported the LAGs under the current programming period.
(c) Support the Commission on communication and visibility of the EMFAF including the activities carried out with Member States in the framework of the INFORM EU network in accordance with the CPR related to the communication and visibility of the EMFAF.

Poseidon staff provided geographic and thematic inputs in support of the FSU on both core/regular and ad hoc tasks implemented within the framework of the project.