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Region:    Africa & Western Indian Ocean

Cape Verde Fisheries Sector Growth Strategy Cape Verde

PEP Africa and International Finance Corporation IFC - Project Dates:
August 2005 - April 2007

Description of Project:
The Private Enterprise Partnership for Africa (PEP Africa) is an IFC initiative for the design and implementation of private sector development programs in Africa. PEP Africa, The Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the Government of Cape Verde formed a partnership to design and implement a technical assistance program with the objective of enhancing growth, strengthening competitiveness and mobilizing investment in selected sectors, with fisheries being one key sector identified.

Services Provided:
Poseidon were contracted to undertake the fisheries component of the first and second Phases of the programme. The first phase was effectively a pre-preparation mission, with visits made to key fishing islands in the country to interview stakeholders, and to identify key sector constraints. During phase 2 detailed investigation and project preparation was conducted of sub-components aimed at adding value through sales to the growing tourism market, initiating fresh yellow-fin exports, and increasing tuna transhipment business. These sub-components were costed with economic appraisal conducted to assess their feasibility/viability. Monitoring and evaluation arrangements were also specified