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Region:    Asia

Tsunami Rehabilitation Project Supervision Missions & Mid Term Review Maldives

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) - Project Dates:
November 2008 - November 2008

Description of Project:
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) required a consultant to contribute to a series of supervision missions, as well as to a Mid Term Review, for its Post Tsunami Agricultural and Fisheries Rehabilitation Programme in the Maldives.

Services Provided:
The two supervision missions (2008 and 2010) and the MTR mission (2009):
- Assessed quantitative and qualitative progress (input and output) of implementation of project activities
- Assessed the likelihood of achieving the development objectives
- Examined project expenditures, made realistic estimates, and identified cost overruns/savings and ascertained the need for a reallocation between categories
- Identified potential risks and mitigation measures.
- Provided concrete recommendations for modifications/improvements in project design over the remaining period of the project.
- Provided TORs and practical tools for the implementation of the recommendations made.