Poverty alleviation and small-scale fisheries

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Region:    Europe

Socio-economic dimension in EU fisheries UK, France, Spain & Italy

DG MARE Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (European Commission) - Project Dates:
January 2012 - October 2012

Description of Project:
This study established a methodology to explore the socio-economic dimension of the fishery sector and to define the socio-economic profile of fishermen.
In 4 regions, namely west of Scotland (UK), Brittany (France), Galicia (Spain) and Sicily (Italy), a fishing basin(typically at NUTS 3 level) was chosen and the catching sector in all NUTS 5 regions within this fisheries basin was investigated to collect relevant socio-economic information concerning the fish catching sector.
The methodology and the studies on the field will served as a basis to establish relevant socio-economic indicators at regional/national/EU level in order to present a comprehensive socio-economic picture of the sector and to monitor the evolution of the links and settings over time.

Services Provided:

Poseidon led the UK case study in Shetland. Conducted with the NAFC Marine Centre, this included extensive interviews with community leaders, boat skippers and crew, as well as a wide range of ancillary stakeholders.