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Region:    Middle East

Evaluation the economic feasibility of small-scale communal aquaculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Agriculture Development Fund (KSA) - Project Dates:
August 2011 - September 2011

Description of Project:
The emphasis of this task was to examine the economic feasibility of developing small-scale farm ‘clusters’ to encourage traditional fishermen to adopt aquaculture (both part and full time). The scope and tasks included:

  • Brief description of both successful and unsuccessful small-scale marine cage/pen farming in similar conditions to establish key lessons

  • Description of up to three small-scale farm models suitable for KSA e.g. species / grow-out options, service provision, public / private partnership options, financing options, training and capacity-building needs

  • Outline economic analyses of potential cluster-farm operations

  • Conclusions and recommendations on technical, economic and social feasibility
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    Services Provided:
    Poseidon conducted all the technical and economic evaluation requirements.