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Region:    Middle East

Evaluation of the economic feasibility of freshwater recirculation aquaculture systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Agriculture Development Fund (KSA) - Project Dates:
August 2011 - September 2011

Description of Project:
ADF financing of freshwater aquaculture was put on hold due to concerns over their potential freshwater consumption. ADF requested a study to highlight the economic feasibility of low water use projects taking into consideration the importance of water consumption reduction policy and water treatment and recycling processes.

Services Provided:
Poseidon prepared the following:

Brief description of aquaculture recirculation systems and its use around the world in aquaculture (in fresh and brackish water)
  • Description of up to three recirculation models suitable for KSA e.g. main technical approaches and specifications, species mixes, costs and income streams (tanks, filtration systems, support facilities, input costs, growth scenarios and revenue streams, etc)
  • Economic analysis of potential recirculation farming operations for small, medium and large scale aquaculture (in fresh and brackish water)

  • Conclusions and recommendations on economic and technical feasibility.