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Region:    Asia

Fisheries Sector Programme Support to Vietnam, (FSPS II) Vietnam

DANIDA - Project Dates:
June 2005 - June 2005

Description of Project:
The fisheries sector was chosen as one of three sectors for Danish development assistance to Vietnam in 1993. The first main activity was support to the formulation of a Master Plan for the sector, followed by two projects: Assessment of the Living Marine Resources in Vietnam (ALMRV I) and Seafood Export and Quality Improvement Project (SEAQIP I). The second phases of these projects were eventually incorporated as components into the first Fisheries Sector Programme Support (FSPS I), which commenced in January 2000. Since the success of FSPS I, a second phase has been designed that is intended to deliver more benefits to less privileged parts of the rural population.

Services Provided:
A Poseidon director participated in the four person team conducting a pre-appraisal of the project to ensure the following:
  • An assessment of the preparation process and the involvement of key stakeholders;
  • An assessment of the relevance of the Programme in the context of the Vietnamese socio-economic development plan;
  • An assessment of the need for the Programme and the adequacy of the proposed programme design in relation to such need; and
  • Recommendations regarding the need for support from Danida to the programme and, in affirmative, an assessment of the adequacy of the planned support, and the possible need for alterations.<