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Region:    Europe

Regional review on the use of wild fish to feed cultured fish and its implications to food security and poverty alleviation All Europe

Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO - Project Dates:
January 2006 - March 2006

Description of Project:
The project will assess and review the status and trend of fish and/or other aquatic species being used as aquafeeds, the actual types of uses for aquaculture, the relative amount being used for aquaculture, and the potential alternative uses e.g. for human consumption and their economic feasibility. The project is funded by Japanese Grant GCP/INT/ 936/JPN).

Services Provided:
The focus of this regional review for Europe was to collate, analyze and synthesize information on the status and trends of fish and/or other aquatic species being used as aquafeeds and its current and potential alternative uses including human consumption and the economic feasibility. The review specifically addressed the role of European reduction fisheries may play on food security and poverty alleviation in the region and elsewhere including sustainability of these finite resources and environmental implication of direct use of fish as feed.