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Region:    Asia

Shrimp and integrated mariculture development. Aceh Indonesia

International Finance Corporation IFC - Project Dates:
May 2006 - October 2006

Description of Project:
Poseidon was responsible for project design of IFC's aquaculture and integrated mariculture (seaweed and fish pens) programme in Aceh. The Programme comprises design components incorporating:
  • technical improvements in traditional tambak shrimp culture in North Aceh, covering adjustments to PL application, feed regimes and other technical inputs
  • the introduction of seaweed culture in the West Aceh and Sumatra islands of Simeulu, Nias and Pulo Banyak
  • Village group capacity building and farmer group development
  • Market linkages and resolving value chain inefficiencies
  • Access to micro credit and the creation of village savings schemes

    Services Provided:
    As part of the project preparation Poseidon developed template financial models for hatchery construction and operations, for traditional shrimp culture ponds and for integrated mariculture systems