Certification, Fisheries Improvement Projects
and responsible sourcing

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Region:    UK and Ireland

English Inshore Project UK

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs DEFRA - Project Dates:
January 2011 - December 2011

Description of Project:
The primary aim of the project was to carry out an MSC pre-assessment on all significant commercial capture fisheries within each English Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority (IFCA) District (with the exception of Sussex, which had acted as a pilot for this approach). Based on the results from the pre-assessment, gaps were identified (e.g. by-catch and discard levels, knowledge gaps, habitat damage, management gaps). The inventory of gaps was then be used to formulate a management plan for each IFCA.

Services Provided:

PARM staff supported FCI in each phase of project delivery.

In particular Poseidon were responsible for:

  1. Stage 1 scoping, including stock / gear / fleet analysis to develop Units of Certification

  2. Stage 2 methodology development, leading on P2 and P3

  3. Stage 2 pre-assessments, leading on Devon and Severn, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, Southern IFCAs.

  4. Stage 3 Fisheries Improvement Plans