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Region:    Asia

Fishery Improvement Project Capacity Building Training Program Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand & Vietnam

WWF - Project Dates:
December 2014 - August 2015

Description of Project:
Poseidon provided the design input for a regional framework for technical capacity building in South East Asian countries, building on extensive FIP work undertaken by Poseidon in the region. The training was applied for those external stakeholders who will be leading the development and implementation of specific FIP activities either independently. The work included:

  Detailed coverage of the MSC Standards and use of the “Scoring Guideposts” (SG) system within the Performance Indicators (PI) framework, in the context of undertaking a fishery pre-assessment and scoping stud

  Use of worked examples from a range of fisheries across specific countries, from South East Asia, with an emphasis on lessons learned, particularly in terms of failure to meet the SG’s under specific PI’s

  The role of the SG system, within the PI framework, to scope and develop a FIP Action Plan that addresses fishery needs, with accompanying milestones

  The stakeholder engagement process for finalizing action plans and milestones as part of the FIP implementation process

   Use of a Program Planning framework to support FIP implementation and milestone tracking

   Applied use of the various tools and templates available to support the development and implementation of successful FIPs , through worked example

  Development and or refinement of FIP templates to guide Action Planning and milestone tracking against SGs and specific Performance Indicators

  Apply modes of delivery whereby participants (trainees) are coupled with experienced practitioners on actual MSC pre-assessments.