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Region:    Asia

Fisheries Improvement Plan for the Thai purse seine Tonggol fishery  Thailand

WWF - Project Dates:
June 2015 - December 2015

Description of Project:
Poseidon first undertook a preassessment of the Thai purse seine tonggol fishery in 2013. WWF, on behalf of John West, is coordinating a FIP for multiple stakeholders. Poseidon was commissioned to design the FIP Action Plan. This work 

  • Reviewed the existing Tonggol pre-assessment and any additional FIP-related documents prepared from that including existing work-plans, draft activities and milestones
  • Reviewed the recent report of the findings of Pre-assessment and FIP work undertaken for the Tonggol/longtail tuna (Thunnus tonggol)  taken in the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea by TUN purse seine vessels
  • Undertook a scoping and development assessment of draft activities and milestones, to be carried out over a five year period
  • LIdentified which institute or stakeholders could be earmarked for coordinating activities to achieve milestones and the outcomes
  • Provided specific Terms of Reference for each institution or stakeholder
  • Provided a summary report on amendments made to the current FIP materials, specially highlighting significant major changes to the original actions and activities.
  • Provided clear recommendation to ensure alignment with MSC Standards, WWF guidelines and achieving a credible FIP, and a report