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Region:    Africa & Western Indian Ocean

Fisheries Improvement Project - Indian Ocean Tuna Seychelles

Thai Union Europe - Project Dates:
July 2016 - July 2016

Description of Project:
The Western Indian Ocean is a major source of tuna for regional and EU fishing vessels.  The two main processing hubs are found on the Seychelles (Indian Ocean Tuna) and Mauritius (Princes Tuna).  At the time of this project, no purse seine fisheries in the region had been certified under the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard for responsible fisheries.  Previous work by Poseidon saw the preparation of a detailed pre-assessment for the Seychelles-flagged purse seine fleet which identified the weaknesses and gaps in stock and ecosystem management.  This current project wnt the next step, and saw the rpearation of a Fisheries Improvement Project to address these short-comings. 

Services Provided:

Based on the Pre-assessment, a Poseidon Director firstly prepared a scoping document for the FIP which saw harmonisation of all the pre-assessments for the various fleet making up this fishery.  Based on this scoping document, Poseidon then prepared a detailed, costed Action Plan which i snow undergoing implementation over a five year period.