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MSC Ghost Gear FSR project Global

Marine Stewardship Council - Project Dates:
April 2020 - March 2021

Description of Project:
The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) are reviewing their global 'Fisheries Standard' in order to produce a third major update and revision.  As part of this process, MSC are conducting various 'Fisheries Standard Research' (FSR) projects, including one on 'ghost gear', its impact and its management.  Based on their experience in this field, Poseidon was awarded the contract to undertake this particular research project.  

Services Provided:

Work Package 1:  Develop standard revision options with the following outcome in mind: The Executive proposes to explore options for how to make the consideration of ghost gear impacts explicit in fishery assessments, and to develop new requirements aimed at promoting the implementation of gear loss avoidance strategies and mitigation actions in certified fisheries. Further consultation is proposed to examine the possible scope of new requirements and the extent to which MSC certified fisheries are already aligned with best practice before options for revision are developed

Work Package 2: Help design and carry out consultation. Some key aims of this include: Stakeholders are informed of the intention to develop revision options aimed at promoting the implementation of gear loss avoidance strategies and mitigation actions in certified fisheries.  Stakeholders inform the design/scope of revision options (e.g. what is good vs best practice?). Stakeholders help inform impact assessment associated with options. Increase stakeholder understanding of Requirements within Standard with focus on Ghost Gear.

Timeline: Consultation Event(s) planned for June and July 2020.

Work Package 3: Carry out Impact Assessment of revision options – key metrics are being finalised by MSC Executive but will include fisheries retention (impact of certified fisheries making the changes) and accessibility (assessing proposals implications on fisheries ability to access MSC certification)

Timeline: Initial/high level appraisal (key risks highlighted) completed in advance of WP 1. Most complete IA to be completed by March 2021.

Work Package 4: Carry out “Auditability Test” of preferred option (s) – an appraisal of how “auditable”/feasible the changes are from perspective of auditor.

Timeline: Preliminary test/appraisal carried out in advance of completion of WP 1; finalise this testing by March 2021.

Work Package 5: Drafting Requirements and Guidance – translation of preferred option into normative Requirement(s) and supporting Guidance

Timeline: March 2021

Work Package 6: Prepare synthesis of research findings detailing the contribution of ALDFG to “marine plastics”