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Desk review study on small-scale fisheries certification and labelling Global

Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO - Project Dates:
October 2007 - November 2007

Description of Project:
Sweden made available funding to FAO to increase the benefits to small-scale fisheries of certification and labelling schemes relating to inland and marine small-scale fisheries (SSF).

Services Provided:
The immediate objective of the desk study was to inform the design of a series of case studies to examine the opportunities, constraints, and cost and benefits of small-scale fisheries certification and labelling schemes under varied environmental conditions, target species, local-level arrangements for cooperation and collective action, and types of fisheries and post-harvest systems. The desk study collated existing materials on experiences with certification and labelling schemes not limited to ecolabels but encompassing social and fair trade labelling and labelling for environmental-friendliness relating to the use of simple low-impact fishing methods.