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Chain of Custody for Products from Certified Fisheries Global

Marine Stewardship Council - Project Dates:
March 2002 - July 2002

Description of Project:
Preparation of seven briefing papers for the MSC’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) to assist them develop the ‘chain of custody’ methodology and processes to ensure their efficient and practical application. The papers covered a wide variety of issues that have arisen over the application of chain of custody certification and each present a range of development options for consideration by the TAB.

Services Provided:
The preparation of seven papers on the following topics for the Technical Advisory Board’s chain of custody sub-group:

  • Review of MSC Chain of Custody Standard

  • Period of validity of a chain of custody certificate

  • Combining MSC’s chain of custody requirements with other audits such as BRC, FDA etc.

  • The inclusion of food quality/food safety issues in chain of custody audits

  • Interim chain of custody audits

  • Group Chain of Custody certifications

  • Chain of custody audits through to fresh fish counters

  • These were presented to the TAB in July 2002 and formally adopted by MSC at a Workshop in February 2003.