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Cost/benefit distribution and transmission in capture fisheries certification Global

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Description of Project:
There are two types of costs related to capture fisheries certification i.e. i) the direct cost related to certification (e.g. fees, assessor, logo use) and ii) indirect costs (e.g. related to changes in management practices to obtain certification). Arguably more problematic than the actual costs of certification is the distribution/transmission of those costs between the public and the private stakeholders and among the different private players along the fisheries value chain. The same applies for the benefits of certification.

Services Provided:
During this project, Poseidon was tasked to
1)Develop a conceptual framework that: a) provides an overview of the direct and indirect (including societal) cost and benefit categories associated with capture fisheries certification; and b) identifies who (in terms of stakeholder groups and value chain elements), from a conceptual point of view, covers the costs of or benefits from certification.
2)Based on the established cost-benefit categories, illustrate cost-benefit distribution and transmission mechanisms through case study analysis (covering private certification schemes; national certification schemes and hybrids, to the extent possible).
3)Provide concrete guidance to policy makers highlighting policy issues linked to the distribution/transmission of costs and benefits (including the wider impact of fisheries on the ecosystem), and the implications of the different approaches taken in the case studies.