Fisheries governance

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Region:    Asia

Strengthening tuna fisheries management systems in Indonesia Indonesia

WWF - Project Dates:
December 2009 - June 2015

Description of Project:
A team of Poseidon fisheries specialists worked in partnership with Indonesian fishery stakeholders and MMAF, to develop a management system for the 5 main tuna fishery sectors (purse seine, pole & line, long line, hand line, troll & line) which will, if the design processes are followed, will be MSC compliant. The work is funded by WWF US.

The work has revolved around a process of pre assessment, Fisheries Improvement Planning, Design of tuna fishery management plan and implementation. The Fisheries Improvement Plan will run for a period of 5 years and involves a carefully designed programme with multi dimensional activities and deliverables, with set tasks allocated to the various stakeholders.