Fisheries governance

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Region:    Asia

Enabling transboundary cooperation for sustainable management of the Indonesian Seas Indonesia and Timor-Leste

Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO - Project Dates:
February 2014 - June 2015

Description of Project:
The project objective was to facilitate the implementation of ecosystem approaches to fisheries and coastal management (EAFM/EBM) in the Indonesian Seas Large Marine Ecosystem (ISLME) to ensure the sustainable development of ecosystem resources through a TDA/SAP.  The project was undertaken through three interlinked components supported by cross-cutting activities on project management, including monitoring and evaluation (M&E).  The three compoents were:

Component 1: Identifying and addressing threats to the marine environment including unsustainable fisheries

Component 2: Strengthening capacity for regional and sub-regional cooperation in marine resources management

Component 3 Co-ordination with regional information networks, monitoring of project impacts, and dissemination and exchange of information

Services Provided:

A Poseidon director was chosen as the 'International Fisheries and Aquaculture LME and EAF/EAA expert'.  His tasks included:

  1. Developing a work plan and agreed inputs for the full project document in consultation with the International GEF Project Design Expert and the LTO
  2. Supporting the International GEF Project Design Expert and National consultants to develop the relevant components for the full project document.
  3. Supporting the collection of baseline information, and indicators 
  4. Supporting the identification of project collaborating partners and the identification of co-finance
  5. Developing  the project capacity development plan and linking to the pilot fisheries management plans (Outcome 2.5)
  6. Developing the findings into project components, using a Theory of Change approach, to clearly identify how project sub-components and activities will contribute to the   component  and overall project objectives
  7. Providing an end of mission report containing a summary of the mission activities and initial findings/analysis
  8. Producing a final report.