Fisheries governance

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Region:    Australasia & the Pacific

Review of the bluefin tuna sector in CCSBT Australia

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Project Dates:
May 2015 - June 2015

Description of Project:
Poseidon undertook a review of Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT) movements through international markets and an analysis of the potential scope for non-compliance, or potential flaws in compliance regimes for specified  members  of the Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna (CCSBT). The analysis examined four main issues

  1. What is the industry structure of each member, including key ownership and fleet structure?

  2. How each member manages their fleet, including domestic regulations and other obligations to ensure they meet CCSBT resolutions?

  3. What markets are being supplied with SBT and where the product is being sourced from? This should include an assessment of product which may not be necessarily be included in CCSBT reporting processes.

  4. If current CCSBT obligations ensure members report all SBT they catch and land? If not, what are the loopholes, which are most likely being used (and to what extent).