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Concerns have been raised in a number of recent Sessions of the FAO’s Committee on Fisheries (COFI) that illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing remains a persistent and pervasive problem in world fisheries. In this context, and the need to monitor levels of IUU and progress in its reduction, FAO held an expert workshop in Rome 2-4 February 2015. The workshop focussed on the different methodologies for estimating levels of IUU. One of the main conclusions of the workshop was that FAO should coordinate a ‘study of IUU studies’ .

Poseidon completed this study of studies on behalf of FAO to consider: (i) the different methodologies being used in studies around the world to assess levels of IUU fishing; (ii) their strengths and weaknesses; and (iii) whether such studies (potentially with additional guidance in the form of guidelines to standardise approaches and best practice) might provide the basis either for reporting on global levels of IUU fishing, or for a set of indicators to assess and report on risks of IUU fishing on an ongoing basis.

A large number of studies were reviewed and conclusions and recommendations made for consideration by COFI so as guide FAO's future work on efforts to combat IUU fishing. Poseidon staff presented the study of studies at a COFI side-event on IUU fishing in July 2016.