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Region:    Australasia & the Pacific

Technical support on the implementation of the longline Vessel Day Scheme Solomon Islands

World Bank - Project Dates:
September 2018 - December 2016

Description of Project:
As part of the WB Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Programme, a Poseidon Director provided technical support to MFMR on the implementation of the PNA Longline Vessel Days scheme. Support entailed advice on an allocatory mechanisms against the need to maximise domestic onshore benefits, fee structure, supported by a comprehensive E-reporting and E-monitoring programme. The technical support includes elements of programme management along with staff training. The Solomon Islands has the largest in zone longline fishery in the Pacific Islands catching around 20,000 mt tuna annually.

Core outputs included the development of a vessel day programme including formulation of optimised expoloitation levels within the framework of the PNA longline vessel day scheme, an assessment of longline economic rents and cost recovery and income optimisation strategies and the development of E-reporting and e-monitoring systems to support the management framework. The role out of eM is supporting by a Business role out framework which will be supported by an EM provider.