Fisheries governance

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Region:    Australasia & the Pacific

Technical and economics support to the Parties to the Nauru Agreement PNA

PNA Office and Global Environment Facility GEF - Project Dates:
May 2017 - December 2018

Description of Project:
This project was funded from OFPM GEFII funds and focusses ion three components:

The ongoing development of the PNAO economic model 

a)     Update the PNAO economic model in support of the annual review of the PNA PS benchmark price

b)    Review longline inThis dustry prices, costs, catch dependencies nd other variables with a view to developing a longline benchmark

>c)     Provide technical support the parties, including mentoring of national economists, and strengthen national awareness of vessel economics prior and during bilateral negotiations

d)    Provide technical support to parties in the understanding of the FIMS e-tendering process

 Support to FIMS

a)     Assist in the establishment of the PNA FishServe, or an equivalent Management entity

b)    Provide Project Management support to the purchase of FIMS and 

c)     Assist the PNAO FIMS manager on designing and preparing a PNAO / Party support structure to role out of the Fisheries Integrated Management System across all Parties

Marine Stewardship Council

a)    Provide technical support in the preparation of PNAO's 5 yearly assessment and annual surveillance reviews

b)    Respond to challenges against the PNA assessment by third parties

c)     Monitor parallel assessments which have a bearing on the outcome and application of the standards applied to the PNA Assessment

d) Assist the Commercial Manager at technical meetings dealing with challenges to the Certification structure