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Region:    Asia

Support to the preparation of a NPOA-IUU Maldives

FAO RAP - Project Dates:
October 2017 - March 2019

Description of Project:
This assignment provided support and guidance to the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture for the development of a NPOA-IUU. Inputs were made during two missions and desk-based work to:

1. Plan the process to develop the NPOA-IUU

2. Provide technical inputs to benchmarking of Maldives' performance against the IPOA-IUU and related Guidelines

3. Consult with relevant stakeholders, culminating in a stakeholder validation workshop

4. Prepare text of the NPOA-IUU, including a number of specific actions to be implemented to enhance Maldives' efforts to combat IUU fishing

The assignment resulted in a fully prepared and agreed NPOA-IUU for the Maldives.