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Region:    Australasia & the Pacific

Assessment of opportunities for an Integrated Electronic Monotoring Module for the Fisheries Information Management System  PNA

FIMS - Project Dates:
June 2020 - June 2020

Description of Project:
The Fisheries Information Management System (FIMS) is a “Fit for Purpose” integrated web based system which collects, stores and displays an array of fishery information including vessel tracking, catch and electronic monitoring (EM) data. FIMS is seeking to enhance its capability to include Electronic Monitoring so as to offer its current and potential clients, the facility to use its own fully integrated and cost effective software package which would allow for the recording, storage, transmission, reporting and analysis of data from long-line fishery vessels within the EM module in FIMS. Poseidon provided the FIMS Inc Board with a comprehensive and authoritative consultancy report detailing the associated costs and options available to undertake development and integration of a complete EM module in FIMS. In addition, a detailed “road map” was also provided with the most appropriate way forward to achieve the desired outcome of a FIMS fully integrated EM module.Specific areas of consultancy included Identification of best practice in the application of international EM systems, citing examples from at least two of the World leaders in longline e-monitoring; Review and evaluation the current eMonitor Trips module in FIMS to expand the current module or develop a new module for data display; Assessment of the elements of EM systems that could be integrated into iFIMS (Industry portal), for example visual checks to assess handling, industry transparency issues and crew safety; Determination of the key components that will be required to support an EM system including software design, machine learning technologies, the application of algorithm and the use of cloud based verification systems;.Determination of the relevant IP issues associated with these and options; Advising on the practicality and viability of FIMS competing with other EM systems that are currently in use; Determination a series of critical paths that need to be addressed: namely building a completely independent system or working collectively with one or more EM providers; Analysis of the cost, benefits and risks of FIMS providing its own complete EM module for its clients; Providing options, taking into account new technologies, for the ability of FIMS to record, transmit, store and display data collected from Long Line vessels in the Pacific region; Providing costings in relation to the options for FIMS recording, transmitting, storing and displaying data collected; Undertaking analysis and provide advice on the options of processing video files into AI- Engines (servers) that can review the catch detection algorithms and then transfer results into respective data annotation software packages for display in FIM; and reporting on the viability of the information collected as part of the consultancy and its ability to be displayed in FIMS following required development.