Fisheries governance

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Region:    Europe

Procurement of laboratory equipment and equipment for fishery census, for the National agency of fisheries and aquaculture (NAFA) Bulgaria

DG EuropeAid Cooperation - Project Dates:
October 2006 - November 2006

Description of Project:
The required PHARE assistance, reflected in project BG-2005/017-353.03.03. – “Approximation and implementation of the legislation–CAP and CFP mechanisms and strengthening the administrative capacity of MAF to meet future responsibilities” is intended to strengthen the capacity of the institutions in fisheries/aquaculture to achieve sustainable development and effective management of the fisheries sector. The equipment is required to help NAFA meet the EU standards for molecular and genetic analyses and certification and for control of fishing activities.

Services Provided:
Two Poseidon specialists were deployed to provide technical expertise for revision of the needs assessment and defining detailed technical specifications for (i) the laboratory equipment and (ii) hydro-acoustic equipment for fishery census