Fisheries governance

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Region:    Europe

EC Fisheries Control Reform Impact Assessment European Union

DG Fisheries (European Commission) - Project Dates:
March 2008 - May 2008

Description of Project:
Poseidon formed part of an MCS evaluation team to assess the reform of the EC's control regulation.
The following components were covered:
  • Redevelopment of a new approach to inspection and control, both at Community (including the CFCA) and MS levels
  • Rationalisation of the rules
  • Strengthen the capacity of the Commission

  • Assess the level of sanctions based on equality and proportionality

  • Strengthening of cooperation and assistance between MS and with the Commission

  • Develop a culture of control, implying enhanced transparency and a better understanding of the rules

  • Use of modern technologies

  • Increase cost effectiveness

  • Adapt the mandate of the CFCA

  • Services Provided:
    Poseidon and their partners, MRAG (UK), Oceanic Developpement (F), IFM (Dk), Lamans (Gr) and IEEP (UK), carried out the evaluation. Poseidon's input focused on the economic rationalisation of resource deployment and assessment of the benefits of the control strategy.