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Climate Change, Fisheries, Trade and Competitiveness: Understanding Impacts and Formulating Responses for Commonwealth Small States Global

Commonwealth Secretariat - Project Dates:
May 2009 - July 2009

Description of Project:
The study assessed the climate implications on the trade and competitiveness of the fisheries sector in Commonwealth ACP/Small States members. The outcome of the research and analysis was intended to be used as input in national, regional and international foras (WTO/UNFCCC) where trade and climate change policy issues are being discussed and formulated.

Services Provided:
Poseidon worked with the WorldFish Centre to complete the specific tasks in the ToR which were to:
- Undertake a review of the scientific literature on possible oceanic fish species reactions to climatic changes of water temperatures variability and sea-level rise on the overall movement of stocks and their distribution around the ocean; in doing so highlight any specific studies that address the situations of ACP states losers/winners;
- Identify the physical impact of climate change on the trade and competitiveness of the fisheries sector in the 34 ACP members studied in this report;
- Outline climatic change implications for international fisheries trade and markets;
- Outline and analyse the inter-linkages between climate change and fisheries trade policies;
- Identify the resilience of the fisheries sector to climate change impact, including possible flow-on implications to trade and competitiveness of inland and aquaculture fisheries sectors;
- On the basis of the above analysis, outline policy options for addressing climatic change adaptation measures supportive of enhanced trade and competitiveness of the fisheries sector in Commonwealth ACP States; include policy responses that address landing, transportation, processing and management-related aspects of the fisheries sector.