Fisheries governance

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Region:    Asia

Fisheries Sector Review Bangladesh

World Bank and Department for International Development DFID - Project Dates:
March 2002 - November 2002

Description of Project:
The fisheries sector in Bangladesh was last provided strategic direction in the early 1980s. A multi-donor group assisted the Department of Fisheries prepare a revised strategy for the fisheries sector based on existing and emerging priorities such as the need to conserve fish stocks and the biodiversity base on which they exist as well as to take a more pro-poor view towards sectoral development. Based on this strategy study (known locally as ‘Fisheries Futures’), a detailed medium term action plan was be developed, including a framework for future donor interventions in this important sector.

Services Provided:
Poseidon provided significant resource economics inputs to a Fisheries Sector Review to consider the future of fisheries development in Bangladesh. The project focused on reviewing key trends, opportunities and constraints for the sector, and on providing analysis for decision makers to improve policy measures and identify requirements for investment and donor assistance. Tasks included:

  • Outline of economic trends in production

  • Reviewing accuracy of Government statistics and producing accurate estimates of realistic employment, production levels and forecasts

  • Review of shrimp aquaculture sector, production trends, production economics, sales distribution, processing

  • Review of shrimp and hatchery carp production· Review of internal fish marketing network, prices and margins

  • Review of inland aquaculture production – trends and production economics

  • Review of marine fisheries production

  • Finalisation of recommendations