Fisheries governance

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Region:    Asia

Review of policy status and developments in the Bay of Bengal LME region Maldives, Sri Lanka, Inida, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia

FAO RAP - Project Dates:
September 2010 - February 2011

Description of Project:
The objective of BOBLME Component 2 (Coastal/Marine Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Use) is to promote the development and implementation of regional and sub-regional collaborative approaches to common and/or shared issues affecting the health and status of BOBLME. Results and outputs of the various activities will serve as inputs into the finalization of the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) and into the development of the Strategic Action Plan (SAP).

Objectives of the Subcomponent 2.2 (Improved Policy Harmonization) are to: (i) promote better understanding of the policy processes in the BOBLME region, (ii) enhance capacity in the formulation of policy, and (iii) facilitate the exchange of information on policy and legislation among regional institutional stakeholders. The outputs of the subcomponent will support the future mainstreaming activities and provide critical inputs into the SAP. To achieve these objectives, the subcomponent will support the following activities: (i) policy studies, (ii) national technical workshops, (iii) regional policy meetings, (iv) strengthening of capacity in local policy formulation, and (v) creation of a normative documents portal.

Services Provided:

Two directors of Poseidon:

    1. Conducted a review and produced a synthesis report entitled “Policy directions in fisheries, coastal and marine environment and ICM in the BOBLME countries”. The review was informed by available policies and selected fishery plans, sourced by the consultant, and responses to questionnaires supplied to the BOBLME National Focal Points for fisheries and the aquatic environment.
    2. Participated in a BOBLME Regional Workshop on Strengthening Policy Formulation, and presented an overview of the report prepared under (1), and assisted workshop implementation as a resource person and facilitator as required.