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Region:    UK and Ireland

Northern Ireland Brown Crab Management Plan UK

Northern Ireland Fish Producers Organisation - Project Dates:
September 2010 - June 2011

Description of Project:

As a distinct inshore fishery there is an opportunity to develop a management plan to locally manage and develop the brown crab fishery in Northern Ireland. This project develops a Northern Ireland Brown Crab Management Plan under the guidance of an industry steering group.

Services Provided:

The project involved:
1. A literature review on existing state of NI brown crab fishery.

2. Assessing the relative merits of key management measures for the Northern Ireland brown crab fishery.

3. Assessing the framework for enabling local management of brown crab resources.

4. Looking at current marketing of crab and lobster in NI and make recommendations for a future marketing strategy for the benefit of the whole industry.