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Region:    UK and Ireland

Economic Impact of Marine Conservation Zones in the Irish Sea UK

Seafish Industry Authority SFIA - Project Dates:
September 2011 - August 2012

Description of Project:
The UK fishing industry has concerns for the negative impact resulting from the implementation of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ); large marine protected areas proposed for UK waters. In the Irish Sea management may include the prohibition of towed gears, which would severely affect the Irish Sea nephrops & whitefish fleet. Nephrops is the single most valuable fishery in the UK and the mainstay of the Northern Ireland fishing industry.

Services Provided:
The Seafish Northern Ireland Advisory Committee (SNIAC) commissioned Poseidon to conduct an independent assessment of the economic and social impacts resulting from the proposed restrictions to bottom trawling in MCZs. The Poseidon team consulted with industry and worked with AFBI to gather detailed information on fishing activities and the economic implications of MCZ management measures. The resulting report was used by the Northern Irish industry in its submission to UK and NI ministers on MCZs.